Active Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Trading

ACTIVE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Trading - ML Healthcare with its Partners has significant outreach and considers itself an expert in sourcing COVID19 products from the best possible production facilities around the World. We have a strong sourcing team in Asia and do factory visits on a daily basis. We have contracts in place with factories, that supply us and our clients directly. We are always in direct contact with the manufacturer in all matters with no middle-men.

With our local team, we have guaranteed quality control, delivery times, the designated staff at the factory to follow up on orders, and production times with logistics. We supply anything from smaller to very large quantities

Für Arztpraxen bieten wir  unter ein Praxis Infotainment-System an

  • Hardware, Installation und Inbetriebnahme von Praxis Infotainment-System

  • Praxis Präsentation, Gesundheitsförderung und -prävention, Themen-Spots und vieles mehr

  • Praxis Homepage

Digital Signage

  • Information-und Begrüssungsbildschirmen, Corporate Communication